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Cheek Lift Up Slimming Slim Mask

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V Face V-Line Chin Cheek Lift Up Slimming Slim Mask Ultra-thin Belt Strap Band


1. New and high quality.
2. Style: Face Slim Mask.
3. Occasion: Casual.
4. Elastic face slim mask will make your face more beautiful and healthy.
5. It will make you look more sexy and beautiful.
6. Size: 60*11.5cm
How to use :
1. Wash your face clean.
2. Wear it and take off 30~60 minutes later. (Skin will be in a sweat with warm).
3. Wash your face again.


Made of Tighten your face and minimize wrinkles while sleeping
or rest.

Prevent sagging skin! 

Lycra fabric, the thickness is only 0.2mm, a special treatment process, pressure equalization, the tear seam flat, does not damage the skin, not easy deformation, super stretch, ultra-thin, ultra-breathable, and the stretch lasting, no longer have to worry about the face-liftsultry cause discomfort.

Physical therapy, no side effects, through pressure therapy and fat mobile principle, by applying a uniform and constant pressure, enhance facial contours, the effective control of the volume expansion of the intradermal fat cells, muscles and other soft tissues.

special fabrics and ergonomic design, pressure balanced, can accelerate facial blood circulation, so that the skin temperature rises, play a role in burning fat, fat, muscle and other soft tissues to make improvements uneven facial firming, while improving the faceMinistry contour, control the volume of fat cells in the intradermal correct face shape, do Firming and effect of preventing sagging facial muscles, excess fat to achieve the purpose of easy face-lift plastic can also reshape uneven, mobile, and tightreal effect.


- 100% brand new and high quality

- Ultra thin, stretchy, breathable, anti-bacteria, radiation proof, comfortable, and safe

- Helps burn the excessive fat while sleeping 

- Breathable, comfortable

- Keep young and face slim while sleeping