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DD Cream

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Korea DD Cream Skin Care Liquid Foundation (30g)

It is not cream nor lotion! 
It is moist and not sticky liquid foundation and it does not feel greasy.
Results were bare, relatively thin, white, and the face looks natural. Most important is easy to apply to skin with a gently push.
BB Cream thick texture usually use only shoot open, and DD Cream can be directly apply on the face thinly spread, skin and delicate white slip, water drops, that is not greasy!

Whitening, Moisturizing, Concealer, Minimize Pores, UV Protection, Control pH Balance.

Suitable for all type of skin.

Use after skin care, directly applied on the face and neck, massage gently till it absorb.

Moisturizing, Oil-control, Hydrating, Waterproof/Water-Resistant, Firming, Whitening, Brighten Skin, Concealer, Natural Look and Nutritious.
Besides Moisturize and nourish skin, it locks moisture, prevent moisture loss, control oil secretion, keep skin all day without glossy, very light texture.
Present water embellish fresh and clear, create great natural naked makeup, prevent acne, flawless skin, nourishing and refreshing skin texture.

Used after skin care, in final step.
Apply adequate amount to pat until smooth.

韩国正品DD 霜保湿补水裸妆神器遮瑕霜(30g)

比较轻薄、白皙、脸色看起来特别自然,最主要是容易推开,平常用的BB质地厚重只能拍开,而DD神器直接在脸上薄薄抹开,皮肤白滑细腻,水水滴滴,一点不油腻! 一句话,你值得拥有!

在 脸上抹开后的肤色有暗沉干哑变成白滑细嫩水水润润滴,一点也不油腻。可以感觉皮肤在自由的呼吸!真正做到了妆容细致,不会引起肌肤干燥起皮,不会堵塞毛 孔,也不会粘腻到涂不开,超细的纳米粉能瞬间与皮肤结合,肤色暗黄和不均匀的亲一下就能感觉到变化,在不经意间即可为您塑造自然靓丽的妆容。