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JumpStart Powerbank

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Jumpstart Powerbank:
Jumpstart Powerbank is your one -- stop powerbank solution provider. 
Equipped with a handy storage kit filled with all sorts of charging accessories, 
it is portable and reliant enough to be by your side whenever you need it.
First on the list for the Jumpstart Powerbank to charge is the iphone. 
Look how easy it is with the iphone charger cable.
It even charges the notebook with the appropriate cable.
Now the pad is next and it works fine with it as well.
Looks like the Jumpstart Powerbank is usable with most electronic devices.
Engine Start Function:
The powerbank is equipped with a car jumpstart function 
with matching cables for the job.
If the car stalls and no aid is in sight or if a call for 
assistance is too time consuming, 
Jumpstart Powerbank ensures an efficient and effective
solution for issues like this.
Simple and user friendly, the Jumpstart Powerbank is compatible
with most cars and has enough voltage to generate power 
to aid in engine start -- ups.
With easy set -- up as well as quick dismantling and storage, 
the Jumpstart Powerbank ensures efficient and safe use
for all start -- up needs.
It is definitely a device that works wonders.