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Salon Express Nail Art Stamping Kit

ItemID: Nail Art Satmping Kit
Price : RM 12.90
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Salon Express Nail Art Stamping Kit!

Get Beautiful Salon Quality Designer Nail Art In Minutes with Salon Express

Easy to Use:

Salon Express is an all-new nail art stamping kit that allows you to decorate your nails like a pro!

Instantly stamp pre-designed images to nails for professional salon results in minutes.
It's perfect for manicures and pedicures and allows you to create hundreds of salon designs!

In four easy steps you get beautiful salon quality designer nails:

1. Apply nail polish to desired image on the included Image Plate.
2. Use the included Scraper to remove excess polish from the Image Plate.
3. Press the included Stamper onto image to pick up the pattern.
4. Simply stamp image onto nail for professional salon results!


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Beautiful looking, and yet so simple

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