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Snail White Mask - Korean Beauty Technology

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SNAIL WHITE Whitening Facial Mask

Price :
1pcs = RM4.5   + RM6 ( posting)
5pcs = RM20 + RM6 ( Posting ) 
10pcs = RM38 + RM6 ( Posting)
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Snail White face Mask
2. Whitening Mask
3. Your Skin Will Like Baby


Snail White Facial Mask

Winter luxury mask, mask snail dope 50 times higher than the normal skin hydrating moisturizing effect, silky satin ultimate sense , to give you the queen -like coddled ! Originally tricks age, stunned is covered with rustic hat ! Is this dull yellowish brown face ! ! For the N multi-product trial , can be considered to find a straw ~ ! A lot of skin is really white , delicate lot ; feeling slippery little face , the kind of touch is simply intoxicated ah ~ ~, feel themselves against growing up, this is the real artifact ah !



Acne , blackheads, dry , rough pores , sensitive, oily , yellowish ...... almost ruined the whole face ! Swollen do ? Find a snail Essence Mask improves skin , three days time , to help the skin pores discharge waste, heavy precipitation, detoxify the skin , sweep yellow gas , so that the skin white and tender ! Pregnant lactating can be used.

 Super stealth , super stick take receipt of the goods the kids stick together five minutes , first aid mask coming ! Dural extraction technology from Korea snail liquid silk mask efficient rapid absorption of moisture locked for 20 minutes discard effect absorption as long as five minutes slower muscle Baby Secret ~


Snail extract rich in allantoin , collagen, elastin, natural peptide and vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E.


Allantoin has a skin softener and anti-oxidant : Natural antimicrobial peptides can induce the immune system to cure skin damaged skin tissue , promote collagen generation and dermal absorption effect , Leaves skin moist white gloss, smooth and delicate , firming repair protection, so that your skin water, run, play , Q, slippery.



Mesti berkualiti!!!
Sangat sesuai utk semua jenis kulit

Snail white memiliki fungsi
mengembalikan kulit wajah yang lembut
mengatasi dan mencegah Jerawat dan komedo
memutihkan serta mencerahkan
meregenerasi sel kulit yang rosak
mengurangi flek hitam
memudarkan bekas jerawat dengan cepat
membuat kulit lebih bertekstur

Cara pakai : Bersihkan wajah terlebih dahulu,gunakan masker 3 hari berturut2 selama 30menit